POWER Engineer Recruiting Brochure:
Only the nerdiest need apply.



POWER Engineers is a global engineering and consulting services company and a worldwide leader in energy efficient and renewable energy design and consultation. In order to attract the best and brightest, POWER needed a college recruitment brochure that would stand out among competitors, speak the language of the target audience, and accurately reflect POWER’s culture of “Do Good Work. Have Fun. Make Money.”

“With Kristy, we get the benefits of agency experience without the agency, which means we get more value for the price tag. Her sophisticated design sensibility, ability to conceptualize ideas that are precisely on-target, and big-picture business sense make her the perfect fit for our needs.”

—Heidi Kelly, Creative Producer
POWER Engineers


After fully immersing in Power’s brand and identifying the brand persona of the target audience, W Design knew right away that what was needed most was a departure from the heavily corporate look and feel (read stiff and boring) reflected in recruitment materials larger competitors were putting forth. Kristy identified right away that authenticity was paramount, as was a clear understanding of the intended audience. To that end, W Design presented an option that truly reflected Power’s brand essence—and would resonate loud and clear with young engineers about to embark on their career: Unapologetically nerdy.

photography by chad case

Using unexpected imagery and an energetic color palette, along with actual engineer profiles, fun facts, and dynamic copy, Power’s new recruitment brochure answers the question that most college grads have about potential employers. Will I fit in? By owning their quirky culture and acknowledging their brainy (if nerdy) brand attributes, POWER will not only attract the best and the brightest engineers of the future, they will attract those likely to stay.

The brochure has been a smashing success, and had to be re-printed three times in the first year alone.

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