Idaho Trust Bank:
Private Banking Branding and Brochure
A bank that invests in its clients



After a year of working on a new campaign, Idaho Trust Bank came to W Design frustrated, frankly. Their experience with other firms left them a bit gun-shy, skeptical that they would ever get the right look and feel for their private banking segment. Idaho Trust private banking caters to a mass affluent clientele and wanted materials that communicate their high-touch, highly personalized approach. They needed to project a sophisticated yet approachable personality that reflects the bespoke service they’re committed to and the personal relationships they cultivate with clients.


Prior to working with W Design, Idaho Trust Bank had asked their private banking clients to submit photos showing what true wealth means to them. W Design recognized this as a brilliant concept that could serve as a creative catalyst for the private banking brand and effectively communicate the bank’s philosophy.

true wealth poster

A picture is worth a thousand words, and the pictures that were submitted spoke volumes. Using them as the “hero,” W Design added bright, bold borders for emphasis, large graphic patterns reminiscent of vintage stock certificates and found on currency, spot varnish on textures and photos, and a die-cuts as design elements for the first piece of collateral.

The resulting private banking brochure is memorable, impactful, and most importantly, communicates to its target audience the personal experience and high level of attention one will get when they choose to bank at Idaho Trust.