The Boise Phil:
A New Look for Future Performance



Like many orchestras, The Boise Phil wants to expand their audience to secure a future where they can continue to perform, and serve the community. It was clear to the Phil’s board that a new brand was needed to better represent the organization and reflect the new, dynamic music director. W Design was charged with creating a fresh visual identity that reflects this evolving institution without alienating their dedicated fans.





A bright, unexpected color palette combined with black and white photography and vintage engravings creates a look that’s fresh and exciting while staying true to the Phil’s classical identity.

Materials were redesigned with the end-users in mind: they express the drama of a Boise Phil performance but are also easy to navigate and understand.

Using photos by Chad Case and biographies of the performers themselves (many of whom are in their 30s), a human story was created that captures the attention of potential fans and creates a morale boost within the Philharmonic itself.



W Design’s crisp and distinctive rebranding of the Boise Phil works so well and seems so obviously appropriate that it gives little hint of the numerous challenges and opportunities presented by the project. The firm deftly managed a high-wire act of balancing the weight of tradition with the exciting vision of a new music director. The results exceeded our high expectations. The process was best-of-class by any measure; that it was also so enjoyable was an added delight.

—Ken Stokes, Boise Phil Board Member