Balihoo high-impact lead generation direct mail:
Know thy customer; know thyself.



When it came time for Balihoo to create a highly engaging direct mail piece to target CEOs at major national retailers, Balihoo departed from their usual approach of creating their own marketing materials and sought the expertise of W Design. After conducting thorough and comprehensive research on consumer buying habits, Balihoo concluded that consumers research online, but buy locally. Balihoo’s localization strategies allow consumers to discover local distributors and retailers to capture consumer information they can use to know who is ready to buy now. Balihoo wanted to share these findings and their compelling capabilities with the target audience with the goal of generating qualified leads.

“W Design was able to take Balihoo’s unique market approach, detailed messaging, and campaign requirements and translate them into a beautiful and functional direct mail piece that continues to resonate well with prospects in the retail industry.  The creative approach taken by W Design for all our projects is one that’s hard to find.”

-Amanda Cash Crowley
Director of Marketing


W Design immediately knew that the most effective manuever would be to capitalize on what Balihoo does best: use scientific research to develop marketing strategies. What better way to position this strength than to use it as a creative catalyst? The result was a one-of-a-kind, highly customized piece: A Field Guide to Your Customer’s Buying Habits. The guide embodied Balihoo’s true brand essence using case studies, research findings, and compelling statistics that encourage retailers to keep abreast of the changing world of how consumers shop. A matte foil embossed die-cut and chip-board back-cover gave the piece intrigue and heft, ensuring the target audience would indeed take notice! A take-away bookmark featured a personalized URL inviting CMOs to take a survey, thus bringing Balihoo’s own scientific approach full circle. The piece generated an impressive response rate of 11% and earned a 2015 Citation from The Boise Ad Federation.